What is Cialis generic, and how can change your life in bed!

What is Cialis generic?

Cialis generic is a pill that helps men with sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or impotence. It can be taken on a daily basis or in times of need. Cialis increases the blood flow to the penis, and this enables a man to achieve an erection. 

How to use it?

If you suffer from one of the sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation you can take Cialis generic as needed but not more than once every 24 hours. You can consider taking the first dose of 10 mg with at least 30 minutes before sexual activity. The dosage can be adjusted, now it depends on each patient.


Cialis generic citrate pills are yellow, film-coated and their doses are 5, 10 and 20 milligrams (mg). For this medicine to work, the man also needs to be sexually aroused. This drug does not provide an erection without sexual stimulation. 

How it works?

When a man is sexually stimulated, nitric oxide is released into the penis. This enables the production of cGMP which is in-charge of dilation and contraction of blood vessels that carry blood to the penis. Another substance PDE5 destroys cGMP. Well, Cialis generic stops PDE5 from destroying cGMP and in this way an erection can last longer.

Leave erectile dysfunction problems way back

Be the man you always wanted to be

I’m at an age when my penis won’t listen to me all the time. So, I searched for a solution, I went to doctors, took treatment, even bought a special pump but nothing helped me out. One day when I searched on the internet an ad about Cialis generic tablets popped out and I was curious enough to see what’s all about. The next day I ordered 1 package to try it out. It was a wise decision because my problem was solved. Now I can have an erection every time I want.  


Kyle 54 years old


I am a fan of sex but lately my penis it’s not as it used to be. Erection problems started to appear and this worries me more and more. I was watching porn and I couldn’t stop to ask myself, how do male porn stars have such an erection that lasts so much time. The Internet is one of my best friends so I searched a bit about this. It seems some of them are using some kind of supplements. They are using all kinds of pills which helps to obtain a long duration erection and it’s also helping out with premature ejaculation. I said, why not, I could try some of these pills. My first search was about Cialis generic and it looked a good option. The next day I was on their website( it doesn’t require a medical prescription) and I ordered a package. In 3 days the package arrived at my office and it was so discreet that none knew what’s inside. I must admit that I was a bit nervous at that time because I didn’t try these kinds of pills ever before. On the same day, I tried one out and my wife was impressed, but not only her. 

I’m telling you this, guys, don’t miss the chance to try these pills out. They are like some kind of miracle, it will raise your little one from the dead. I’m sorry that I didn’t found about them earlier, it would help me a lot.

Cialis generic will help you forget about erection problems
Last longer in bed up to 36 hours

With Cialis generic you can obtain the following:

  • You can forget about premature ejaculation.
  • The effect of Cialis generic can last up to 36 hours!
  • You will be 100% confident during sex
  • FDA has approved this medicine
  • Forget about sexual depression

When I first found out about Cialis generic, I knew that will help me out. I started to take the pills( it will take a bit for the effect to appear) and for me, the miracle happened in 10 minutes with the help of my girlfriend of course. I didn’t finish for 2 hours and it was the first time in my life I stood without premature ejaculation. I definitely have to say that it’s worth every penny. 

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Alex 36 years old

I had erectile dysfunction problems and I was desperate, didn't know what could I do, what treatments to follow until a friend of mine recommended these pills. After taking one Cialis generic 10 mg pill, I had an erection as I have never had for a long time. Don't miss the chance to get one of these pills.

Max 39 years old

My body is my temple I could say. I take very good care of it and when something goes wrong it is a priority to fix it up. Well recently my erections are not what they were some time ago and this is a problem. I found this website with Cialis generic pills, I said to give it a try and it worked.

Matthew 53 years old

At a point in life, everyone is gonna get problems with erections like I did. Also, I didn't trust all those ads that are showing pills and they will tell you that "miracles" can happen. My wife got me into this as she saw one of these ads with Cialis generic 20 mg pills. I don't regret it, because it changed my sexual life since then.

What makes Cialis generic so different?

As all pills that help men to deal with erectile dysfunction problems and also preventing premature ejaculations Cialis generic will help you out. The main bonus, unlike any other pills, has to offer is the effect time which can go up to 36 hours. That’s right 36 hours! In this period of time, you can feel like a beast because you can get an erection every time you want and you can also have sex for hours without ejaculating. The secret lies in its complex ingredients. 

Don’t give up on your sex life, be active!

Feel alive again and forget about because:

  • It's Quick And Simple

Yes, that’s right, it’s very simple. You don’t need a medical prescription for these pills and you can order them very easy. You just have to take one pill and wait for a maximum of 30 minutes so that the effect can occur. After that, you can have sex like never before!

  • You Got All The Discretion You Need

As you don’t need a medical prescription in order to buy Cialis generic, the payment method is also simple and discreet. Cialis generic cost can be paid up through bank transfer or cryptocurrency, after that the package will be delivered in a maximum of 5 days in a discreet package.

Cialis generic is among porn stars too!

I work in the adult industry and I must confess that some of us are using supplement pills also. After long hours of filming it is hard to maintain a good erection. Because of that, we take pills like Cialis generic which help us out. I prefer Cialis generic 40 mg because of its duration effect. I mean I can take a pill now and after 16 or 24 hours the effect it’s still there and the scene can be filmed with no additional double. In fact, girls are loving it because of the erection and they don’t need to worry about my premature ejaculation.

My advice to you, readers, is to use Cialis generic every time you are in need of a stimulus.

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